Anaerobe Kurume / Wolisho
Ethiopia, Guji

Blueberries. Blueberry jam. Sweet chocolate, Tea alike flavores.

150 kr

This is the first time I have Anaerobe coffee from Ethiopia. And I really have to share this with you - as this is an amazing coffee. As the descriptiors outlined above the taste is absolutely phenomenal. Like driking from a jar of mixed garden fruits /  strawberries, blueberries, rasberries......


Mekuria Merga is one of three washing stations with this name. The washing station is located in Hambela, Guji.

The three washing stations are named after their owner, Mekuria Merga, a highly respected coffee professional with 23 years experience in the industry.

in 2018 Mekuria Merga decided to establish his own export company “Wete Ambela” exporting coffees from his washing stations, which are renowned for their high quality coffees.


Variety 100 % Arabica Kurume / Wolisho
Processing Anaerobe
Farmer Merkuria Mergia
Altitude 1950-2000  masl
Cupping Score 89
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen

As a general rule you should dial in your espresso using a scale. The first three shots is normally indicating your espresso flow and the appearance of how well your espresso flow/brew.

Your first indicator should be the first drop appearing after activating/starting the water flow (pump/bottom). I recommend the first drop to appear approx. at 6-8 sec on most machines.  in that way your espressoshot will brew as long a 26-31 sec.

If it appears before 4 sec. I will recommend you should grind finer and visa versa if the first drop appears later than/after 8 sec or more.

This will give you a more intense ristrettoét shot of espressso.

Dose 20 g dobb shot
Extraction 26-29 sek
Target mass in weight/liguid 38 g.
Extraction rate 20/38= 0,52%

The dose is calculated using a 20g VST porta filter.

Min dose is 19g/ and Max dose 21 g. pr dobb espresso.