San Francisco
Red Bourbon

Rich and sweet nutella notes and a balancing stonefruit and berry acidity. Well structured.

91 kr

Very delicate rounded mouthfeel. Ideel for espresso and dripcoffee

The family has three main areas of coffee production around the Santa Ana volcano in El Salvador. They have always produced high quality at a larger scale, but previously the coffee was mainly separated into a few brand names based on the three main areas, Santa Rita, San Francisco and El Molino. Jose Antonio Salaverria and his two sons Andres and Jose Antonio, the younger. They are 6th generation coffee producers, their ancestors started growing coffee in Huachapan. Jose Antonio Senior's father offered him a house in 1970, but Jose Antonio asked for a farm instead. He was given Finca Los Nogales, which remains in the family, and is one of the farms supplying us with coffee.


Variety 100 % Arabica Red Bourbon
Processing Wet process
Land/Region El Salvador/Santa Ana 
Farmer Jose Antonio Salaverria and sons
Altitude 1500 masl
Cupping Score 86
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen.