4 exclusive coffees from my championships as an Advent present

1.000 kr

4 exceptional coffees which is ideal as drip or espresso.

I have been a competing barista since 2005. And in 2010 I was the first barista roasting my own coffee for a barista competition. Since then I have won Danish Barista Championship 8 times. And this year, I wanted to reach out with the very best of my coffees for your Advent Christmas Calendar. 

I hope you will enjoy the moment as I did when competing with these exceptional coffees from our corporate partner Alejo Castro, Volcan Azul. 

Each bag contains 200g of coffee. 

2018, World Brewers cup Champion coffee / SL 28 honey processed
The aroma is sweet and intense. Reminds me of black honey, dark milk chocolate, caramel and a hint of raspberry notes.

2020, Danish Brewers cup Champion 3rd place / Caturra Soaked together with Gesha mucilage. Also used as my signature drink 2022 at Danish Barista and World Barista.
The pulp/mucilage from Gesha variety soaked together with Caturra cherries in a closed tank for 2 days. 

2022, Danish Barista Champion Coffee / Honey Gesha with extended fermentation in a closed tank for 2 days. 

2022, World Barista Champion Coffee / Anaerobe Gesha with extended fermentation in a closed tank on 5 days reduced from 28% brix to 12% brix with an intense long aftertaste. 


Since 2018, we have experimented with different processing methods as we wanted to highligt the terroir and variety.  

Last year we decided to process the cherry using an anaerobe fermentation, instead of honey as we have done in the previous years.

The Anaerobe method usually leaves a powerfull destinct acidity, which is nice when you take one sip. But sometimes too overwhelming. We like it more balanced with a greater mouthfeel, which I think we managed with this method.

Each coffee is roasted to highlight the bright acidity without being unpleasent and overtaken the enjoyment of a nice bodied cup profile.