Organic washed Castillo
El Rubi

Red grape, black currant fruit with florals and sweetness

89 kr

The flavor profiles of Tolima is slightly different than for the other regions. They are typically bright and delicate, with subtle fruit and berry notes. Many of them also with a nice and clean cocoa like sweetness.

Colombia is getting there, and there coffees are so much better than they have ever been before. Its an uplifting country and the dedication among young farmers are very high, which is also one of the reasons I bought this wonderful coffee,. 

Most of the producers here works in smaller growers associations and this one is from a single farmer, who has aslo worked very hard to produce organic coffees.  


Variety 100 % Organic Arabica Castillo
Processing Washed Processed
Farmer El Rubi
Altitude 1800 masl
Cupping Score 86,6
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen

As a general rule you should dial in your espresso using a scale. The first three shots is normally indicating your espresso flow and the appearance of how well your espresso flow/brew. Your first indicator should be the first drop appearing after activating starting the water flow (pump/bottom) I recommend the first drop to appear approx. at 6-8 sec. in that way your espressoshot will brew as long a 26-31 sec. If it appears before 4 sec. I will recommend you should grind finer and visa versa if the first drop appears to late/after 8 sec or more.

Dosering 19,5 g dobb shot
Ekstraktion 29-31 sek
Vægt i væske 40 g.
Ekstraktion rate 19,5/40= 0,48%

The dose is calculated using a 20g porta filter Min dose 19g/Max dose 21 g. pr dobb espresso.