Jasper Arucha, Meru Chogoria
Natural Batian & Ruiro 11

Rasberry, dark berries, strawberry & vanilla

105 kr

Jasper Gitonga Arucha plantet his first coffee tree in 2002. Today he is a proud owner of 5 hectares of coffee grown in 1890 M. The plantation is less than 500m to the boder of Mt. Kenya forest Chogoria Meru. The spring water from the forest is used to water the plants.

It is very unusual I purchase a natural processed coffee from Kenya. They are usually best when they are washed. However, this coffee is outstanding  very special. Has a kind of winery tone - and is very balanced. 

Jasper is a part of the Hands on project at Belco. Using less water as a natural process of havesting coffee. 

Variety 100 % Arabica Batian & Ruiro
Processing Natural
Land/Region Kenya
Farmer Jasper Arucha
Altitude 2032 masl.
Cupping Score 91
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen.