Kathima Cooperative
SL 28/34, Natural Batian & Ruiro 11

Dark berries.rosemary.peach.floral.

150 kr

This coffee has a very-alike-taste as you will experience in Gesha coffee. The peach flavour is dominant but still very balanced with its dark berry notes.

As for Kathima from the same Cooperative, this Kiungu AB was one of those coffees that was discovered through blind cupping in origin. The Kathima factory is under the Thambana Cooperative society, located in Embu, a neighbouring region to Kirinyaga at the slopes of Mount Kenya.

Thambana Farmers Co-operative Society

Kiungu is in Nginda Location, Manyatta division of Embu County, 16km from Embu town, located on the rich green slopes of Mt. Kenya almost on the Equator. Name of Farm / Cooperative Thambana Farmers Co-operative Society.

Kiungu is the name of the factory. Actual farm/coop size (hectares) About 250 tonnes of cherry per year

This juicy coffee tastes like purple and dark berries, with rosemary notes. It is not so intense, and we believe it can make a good option for a darker roast.

Variety 100 % Arabica Sl 28/34 Batian & Ruiro 11
Processing Wet processed
Land/Region Kenya
Altitude 2032 masl.
Cupping Score 91
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen.