Loveramic Coffeebrewer
Har udviklet disse fantastiske smukke tragte til at brygge din pour over filter kaffe. 

348,75 kr

Tragten findes i 3 forskellige udtryk og design. 

LOVERAMICS Brewers Strong Dripper, til den mere fyldige smag. 

LOVERAMICS Brewers Smooth Dripper, til den mere milde smag.

LOVERAMICS Brewers Mellow Dripper, til den lettere/milde smag. 

Anvendelsen af tragten minder rigtig meget om Hario bryg metode - og her modsat hario, kan basen skiftes til stål/kobber/sort - hvilket jeg synes giver et flot udtryk.  

This coffee is ideal to brew on Siphon, Chemex, Hario, Stagg fellow and December dripper Brew/ratio mass depends on how you pour the water, the weight of your coffee and the length of your brew. I like to recommend that you try to use different pouring techniques. So you will find out what will suit you and the coffee you have in your hands.

Step 1

Prefinfusion = Using water to wet the coffee, so the particle can absorb water, giving access to flavour and aromas. As a rule when you use less coffee, less water is used to preinfusion. "just enough to cover the coffee in the filter".

Step 2

Blooming = this is where the coffee particles is expanding, as any cellular products, giving access to transform the coffee attributes in to flavours and aromas. As a genius = less coffee/shorter blooming time. More Coffee/longer blooming time = that make sense right? Ie. 33 g of coffee = 30 sec blooming time. 60 g of coffee = 50-60 sec blooming time.

Step 3

Building up your coffee in the filter = you coffee brewing times length and letting you coffee steep in the filter. Coffee needs to be handled firm and homogenises.

Ie. Dont let your coffee set/sit or "dry out in the filter" when you pour the water in your coffee filter. Vise versa, you have to be careful, that you don't pour too much water, so you create a "swimming pool" on top of the coffee in the filter. The coffee should have a smooth "run through" contact time with water. You can find inspiration on brew guides