Sage Oracle and barista express tips

Take a look into some clips on youtube..


Using a Sage espresso machine is not quite the same as using a normal espresso machine as these compromise either on dose /amount, or on temperature stability during the brew process. 

As these machines are build in one / as a kind of bean to cup machine. They also need to be operated like this as none of these has a big boiler (heating up the water before this channelling into your coffee puck and made to coffee. 

The boiler heats up the water and this need a constant rate of flow - which is less as your coffee machine in build in one. 

However, it doesnt mean you cannot make your coffee good. I will advice you not to purchase a coffee which is toooo light...sweetness and body will give you the best result - as this will extract sourness into you coffee cup. 


Sage Oracle 
1 drop should appear at 8-10 sec, using a dobb. shot espresso
/extraction time approx. 28-31 sec. with a target mass / 40g espresso liquid. 

Sage barista express
1st drop should appear at 10-12 sec using a dobb shot espresso (approx 17,5-18g) 
/extraction time approx. 20-22 sec with a target mass / 40g espresso liquid. 

Remember, your espresso machine is a compromised model and cannot be compared to an espresso machine with boiler capacity of 2-4L / which is used heating up your water for your espresso creating a more consistant temperature flow and pressure.

Further, I will advise you to adjust on your grinder when you cannot grind fine enough and your espresso shot just brew toooooo fast. Take a look into this clip, how you do it. 

/eventually you have to adjust the grind setting to a more fine grind. As the burs over time are getting worn. Heres how to adjust