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World class roastery, brewbar & coffee lab

We might have an array of coffees to discover.

Most of our coffees are grown in natural reserve conditions, without any use of fertilizer. From one generation to another maintaining the natural Bio Climate in order to preserve the natural flavours.

In terms of mindset we try to open up our perception of coffee. Coffee is a feast of flavors where even the simplest gently waft can change the taste of one coffee cherry to another. 

We develop our coffees and fermentation techniques directly with the farmer - as well as we take pride in facilitating our way we process our coffees.  

We try to be honest with the coffees we purchase. No nonsens or illusionary stories - only qualities that makes it delightful to roast, to brew and to enjoy. 

I hope you will feel inspired when logging on to our website. Our film, our coffees, our archive with brew methods, stories from our farms and our vision with coffee.  

Søren Stiller Markussen is a

8th times Danish coffee champion and three times world finalist

Instagram: @stillerscoffee

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