Achievement through the years

Søren Stiller Markussen´s awards

Competing isn't about winning for me

It is about demonstrating my skills, communicating about my product and showing the best of it and myself.

Its a process and a learning curve with errors and mistakes that can be improved if you combine this with how you structure and organise your work.

In addition, competing is about demonstrating that it is possible to break boundaries that are created within the industry and the minds of baristas. Therefore, baristas have to adopt a holistic approach and understand the industry and the levels that are possible in that industry.

Competing is also part of the build-up of trust between the Farmer and the Barista – it’s the perfect showcase of the latter’s skills. I can only achieve high results by consistently proving my capability of getting the best out of the farmers’ product. Therefore, performances are milestones in the relationship that is based on thrust.
I sincerely hope you will enjoy my coffee.

As perfect as you can enjoy it.

World championships

2022,16th place at World barista championshjp, Melbourne
2018, 15th place at World brewers cup, Brazil
2015, 23rd place at World Barista Championship, Seatlle
2015, Winner in the category “Coffee Passion” at World of Coffee Events. CoffeeFilm Festival, Canada
2014, 25th place at World Barista Championship, Rimini
2011, 9th place at World of Latte Art
2010, Finalst nr. 5 at WBC London
2008, Finalist Nr. 6 at WBC,
Gold at European Coffee Team Challange, Italy
2007, Silver at VM LatteArt, Belgium

Danish Championships

2022, Gold Barista
2020, Bronze Brewercup
2018, Gold Brewerscup
2015, Gold Barista
2014, Gold Barista
2012, Silver Barista
2011, Gold LatteArt
2010, Gold Barista
2008, Gold Barista
2007, Gold Latteart
2007, Silver Barista
2006, Silver Barista