The Great Coffee revolution

Nowadays, a Barista is expected to work multifunctional – brewing your coffee while communicating about the process from start to end. The recent years a handful of new brew methods has been modified - an endless blunder of brewing methods. More focus on attributes - more distinct tones highlighted.

"More sense" 

I have been a competition barista since 2006 and placed at top-level - both nationally and international, several times.

In 2008, I started to roast my own coffee to bridge the gab between the Roastmaster and the Barista.

Since then, experimenting with my own processing methods when purchasing coffee from the farms. 

in 2010, I became the 5th finalist in the world with my own roasted coffee. 

In 2011, I coached Francesco Sanapo at his Italian championship, which he won. 

in 2015, I was selected to roast coffee for World Cup tasters Championship. And the following year also managing the back stage organising the World Cupping event. 

My story

In 2012, I founded Great Coffee.

I wanted to share my passion of coffee-making with the world.

It has always been my dream to create my own unique space to unfold my creativity. 

Being able to demonstrating your craftsmanship is such a fulfilment.

We roast all our coffees on site as we emphasize to showcase our roasting philosophy being displayed as a brewed coffee served in our coffee bar on different techniques. 

The bean lift

Eversince my journey started with coffee I have always been curious to understand how the coffee was roasted.

In 2008, I started to work with different producers around the world as I wanted to make different experiments highlighting the flavours in the coffee.

Since then I have established many long term friendships with farmers around the world trading the coffee we develop together. 

Each coffee has its own characteristica and flavour profile - and roasting is one of the elements that I find so fascinating  sharpening and perfect-ionizin the notes of the coffee. 

I trade around 35 different varieties of coffee yearly.

Santa Petrona, El Salvador is one of my long term partner.