Our brewbar at Stiller´s Coffee

Our philosophy and what we serve

I want my coffee bar to have my own personal touch - as it has always been.

Over the years GreatCoffee has been used and misused in different aspects and relations. So it was about time to re-think a more personal direction. 

I have never been known as a person standing still. I like to develop myself, my products, my coffees and my company.

Over the years the coffee bar has been modified and improved a lot, and I like to continue this path being a part of the envolvment.

Stiller is my family name - a generation of craftsmen. A family which is known for its working ethics, skills and opinions. 

Coffee, but not coffee. Yes, we hand-pick and roast every single bean ourselves. And indeed, we are no strangers to competitive accolades. But, in the end what really matters is how it tastes to you.

We trade around 30-40 different coffee varieties from around the world every year. No middle men and more money to the farmer. 

And we fell obligated to serve you the story of our coffees - thats why we use different brewing techniques when we brew our coffees in our coffee bar. 


All our coffees are available to purchase at our shop as well as our webshop. 

Although, we try to be humle with no pointless adjectives, self-praise or technical gobbledygook we like to highlight one of the most expensive coffee technique in the world - as we also like to showcase a perfect balanced cup using a "Siphon Bonmac halogen brewer. 

We try to refine each cup profile for which we also use Chemex, Hario, December dripper and Cold brew refelcting a savor transparent, complex, refined cup for each of our varieties of coffee.

For our espresso´s we use a ramp up profile on a Synesso Cyncra 3 group - along side with our milk based espresso drinks and signature drinks. 

On Fridays and Saturdays our coffees will be accommodated  with butter Croissants from the Lazy Wombat. 

Søren Stiller Markussen

“Almost anyone can be trained to be a skilled Barista, however, it takes a life time of passion and commitment to master those skills.”

With my 35 years of experience of training Ju-jitsu, I have tried to achieve a level of awareness and consistency in my practice. I have applied the same approach in developing my skills as a Master Barista.

I have made hundreds of thousands of milkbased drinks only to pour them down the drain as they did not meet the standard that I was seeking, but they did provide me with valuable learning. This was necessary to get to where I am today. And if you are a competing Barista, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Improving performances and products never stops.

The coffee industry is a rapidlychanging area. Only 10 years ago there was a different attitude towards coffee shops and its baristas.

Ten years ago it was generally accepted that brewed coffee stood for several hours on a heating element having a taste like burned rubber. A coffee blend typically consisted of multiple beans from all over the world roasted in the same batch as we were convinced that 10 percent of a certain variety of coffee would spice up the flavour profile.

These days coffee specialists work on a very different premise. It became a lot more complex and at the same time simpler, because now fact and fiction is easier to digest.

The evolution on the coffee scene is just that; an evolution that continues to evolve. Different tones of flavour and aromas – which a particular brewing method is designed to produce – emphasises a certain character in the coffee. There is no such a thing as a 25 second rule any more – the boundaries between Barista, Roaster and Farmer is a reality.

In 2015, my film "about coffee" was released in cooperation with Uffe Egeberg and Tina Bøgevald. It got the 1st prize as the best film in the category "Coffee passion" nominated by the World of Coffee.