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995 kr

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A 200-page limited edition book meticulously crafted on the art of espresso brewing.

This book is exquisitely hand-bound with an open spine, a technique that prevents the pages from bulging, providing a superior reading experience. This specialized binding is a rare expertise, only available in Randers, Denmark.

The book’s design prioritizes high-quality paper and a tactile sensation that enhances the experience as you turn each page. It narrates the intricate world of espresso and explores why crafting the perfect espresso is a complex art.

As a competition barista since 2005, I've honed my skills in brewing 4 espressos, 4 cappuccinos, and 4 signature drinks at each event, amassing 8 Danish Champion titles, 5 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. My pioneering effort as the first barista to roast my own coffee for the World Championships in 2010 has led me to collaborate intensively with coffee farms to innovate and improve coffee quality. These experiences and insights deeply inform the content of this book.

This book offers a technically rich and engaging read, valuable for both enthusiasts and casual readers alike.

Included with the book is an IMS filter basket, details of which can be found on my webshop.