Shower Screen for espresso machines

200 kr

The shower screen for the perfect perculation. IMS has developed this shower screen which can optimize your espresso brew.

Your first and most vital step when brewing your espresso - dividing your water perfectly on your coffee puck which has a vital impact and is the beginning and the first step when brewing. 


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The integrated membrane shower screen is made of a single filtering part in stainless steel obtained through a process of photo-etching: special micro perforations are made inside the thickness of the shower to obtain a filtering power of 200 μm.

Its main characteristic is the exclusive design of its perforations, which, in addition to guaranteeing better distribution, makes this product last longer and easy to clean. Indeed, being made out of a single part, the shower body is more resistant and its surface is totally smooth and free from rough spots where dirt can deposit and accumulate.

NANOTECH COATING: The advantage of this technology is its hydrorepellent effect. Water comes down in a shower of tiny drops that are uniformly distributed over the whole surface of the showerhead, saturating the coffee homogeneously. Furthermore, thanks to its high adherence, this coating makes it easier to remove used coffee pods, and it also makes it easier to clean thereby rendering the antibacterial nature of the surfaces extremely effective.