Direct relationship, Santa Petrona
Black Honey Bourbon 

Sweet chocolate and conference pear, mature oxidative apples & marzipan notes.

99 kr

This Coffee is without any doubt my best"seller" and one of my absolute favorite coffee farms I have worked with since my start.  

I have known the Family Pacas since 2008, as I competed side by side with Lily Pacas at the World Barista Championship 2008. Since then, the family including Federico Bolanos been striving to produce some of the best coffee in El Salvador. 

Since 2012, I have continuously visited the farm with a close relationship with the family. 

Federico Pacas manage the farm together with his father, who is still very active when roasting their own coffee for their own cafes "Viva Espresso". If you ever visit El Salvador, you can be sure to get some good espresso and drip coffee. 

The Family has proudly passed their knowledge through 5 generations - and still to this date adapted and remaining the quality and their processing at a very high level. 

Federico Bolanos has a long record training the best Barista´s in the world. Both Alejandro Mendez from El Salvador and Joo Yeon from Korea for their winning World Championship. 

And in 2011, I roasted coffee for the Russian barista champion from their farm which was placed at a 10th placed. 

You can choose between three different processing methods from this farm. 

Washes processed (sweet, acidic and long mouthfeel)
Honey processed (sweet, less acidity and velvety mouthfeel)
Natural processed (intense body, very fruity and long mouthfeel)

All of them suitable for espresso and drip coffee - and perhaps the most consistant coffee which I always return back to - when I change from one to another. Its really smooth and velvety on the tongue and is also perfect as a filter coffee if you don’t like too much acidity.

There are different ways of making honey processed coffees, this method is a little bit more difficult as the coffee skin is not removed with water – and this is one of the reasons its called black honey as the fruit-slime remains intact leaving a sweeter cup with a longer aftertaste. 


Variety 100 % Arabica Red Bourbon 
Processing Honey processed -  without water
Land/Region Canton Nombre de Dios, Sonsonate
Farm Santa Petrona
Altitude 1350-1500 masl
Cupping Score 89
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen


Dosering 19,5 g dobb shot
Ekstraktion 29-31 sek
Vægt i væske 36 g.
Ekstraktion rate 19,5/36= 0,60%

The dose is calculated using a 18g porta filter Min dose 17,5G/Max dose 19,5 g. pr dobb espresso.