Milk test with Arla

Testing milk and coffee. 6 different roasting profiles, 32 different milk. 190 cappuccino’s evaluated plotted and tested.


We often find yourself questioning which milk is suitable for our espresso when these two liquids are mixed together. As we would like one type of "milk" to balance together with our coffee we need to look more in depth how the milk actually interacts with the coffee - and why it doesn't. 

Together with team Arla we made a global research testing 32 different kind of milk with

  • Low fat content /0,5/1,5/2,5%
  • High fat content 3,5/3,7/4,2%
  • Various plant based milk types (soya, oat, almond)
  • UHT from different countries (treated in different ways)

To evaluate how the milk reacted when it was mixed together with the espresso base. 

I roasted 3 different coffee from 3 different countries (light, medium and darker roast) to evaluated the reaction, taste and viscosity of the coffee drink/cappuccino. 

Check out this film we made.