Natural Reserve Volcan Azul
Anerobe Caturra/Geisha 

Caramel, Peach/honey, Jasmine sweetness, Tangerine, Citric notes, French Nougat.

130 kr

This coffee was a part of my signature drink at Danish Championship and World Barista Championship

On my late visit to Costa Rica In January at Volcan Azul, Alejo Castro. I was keen to continue with our new experiment which started in 2018. 

The mucilage when depulping coffee is normally wasted - even-though the remaining flavor/sugars are still amazing.  

In 2018, when I started this experiment I didn't know what to expect. I am dazzled, overwhelmed and can’t get my hands down. The coffee is amazing and it’s just what I wanted to achieve. Body, smoothness, velvety mouthfeel – and the delicate characteristics from Geisha. Peach, bergamot. Most of all I am pleased with the transparency in the cup of each variety is present.

The Caturra variety is soaked in water for 24 hours in a tank to start a natural fermentation process. After 24 hour the water is drained, then mucilage from Geisha picked on the same day is added in the tank for another 24 hours.

Caturra is known for its chocolatey flavor and pleasant mouthfeel and Geisha is known for its rare citric flavors as bergamotte and jasmin notes. The combination of merging these two coffees are simply amazing. 

Caturra is picked with a Brix on 24%

Geisha with a Brix on 22-25%

Is known for its bright acidity, jasmine and citric flavors.

I have in my record PH 4.0 Brix 14. Time 2 days. Temperature range 15-19 C in the tank developing natural yeast – fermentation.

Drying beds for 19 days.

Variety 100 % Arabica Caturra
Processing Anerobe process with Geisha mucilage
Land/Region Costa Rica/West Valley
Farmer Alejo Castro
Altitude 1497 masl for Caturra and 1551 for Geisha
Cupping Score 94
Roast Master, Quality cupper & Barista Søren Stiller Markussen.