Coffee cups in colab with Studio Aarhus

199 kr

Taste, aroma, functionality & design has strongly started to be in focus / as a glass with with wine has it functionality enhancing the attributes in wine.

We have collaborated with a local pottery @studioaarhus which also was a contribution winning my 8th Danish Barista Championship this year - as I wanted to highlight the balance in my coffees. The edge is soft and has a bend volves a nice smooth taste when drinking. 

Solveig is the founder of Studio Aarhus - and we have similar approach for our craftmanship. Functionality and Esthetic has to go hand in hand. 

The clay which is used for these fine cups are local. 

90 ml size for espresso

110 ml size for espresso with milk / cotardo 

150 ml size for espresso with milk / cappuccino